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My tweets
  • Sun, 04:43: RT @MamanyaDana: Guys, if she smiles at you after she catches you looking at her ass, she thinks you're cute enough to get it.
  • Sun, 04:46: RT @jst5ald: صار "لا أدري" هو أدق جواب على من يسألني "كيف حالك؟.
  • Sun, 06:12: RT @timxyz: Britney slayed the VMA's at the age when Gaga was still getting shoved into lockers for being a fat loser+ sucking Akon's cock …
  • Sun, 06:30: RT @LanaDelReyNews: "She (Lana Del Rey) is one that has been so disappointed by life, she had to create her own world." - James Franco on L…
  • Sun, 06:32: RT @yemenidirty: Beyonce lacks intelligence. She named her baby Blue cause that's the only word she can spell without her ghost writer
  • Sun, 07:38: RT @dancohen3000: Selfie with the greatest threat to Israel. http://t.co/kJXtNrmdB1
  • Sun, 07:41: RT @AdorableWords: is it too late to wrap myself up like a baby and drop myself off on a billionaire’s doorstep
  • Sun, 08:06: Using your sarcastic sense of humor as a weapon may be inappro... More for Gemini http://t.co/Un5I6Nf9pt
  • Sun, 09:06: RT @RickyBush_: All i ask for is clear skin 😢🔫
  • Sun, 09:07: RT @Dmoojah: تصريح مايكل الملفق ضرب واشتهر في الدول العربية لدرجة لما زار مبنى mbc وقابل أطفال عرب كان هذا أول سؤال وجهوه له .. http://t.co