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My tweets
  • Sat, 17:16: RT @thetobbie: I may not be tall, dark & handsome but i've obviously got tall tales, dark humour & some hands. Ladies?...
  • Sat, 20:25: RT @vikkaroni: Relationship status: Just jumped from the top of a grocery store so I can finally say I'm off the market.
  • Sat, 20:25: RT @jimmy_sharpe: *dies* "I'm fine."
  • Sun, 00:25: Omg. Our king died and they dont give us a vacation ?! That's so not fair, how am i suppose to grief !
  • Sun, 04:52: RT @angeliav68: It's always nice to be called beautiful in the morning.. So what if he was hiding in the bushes with no pants on..
  • Sun, 05:08: RT @buriedwithkids: I just don't understand why kids can't just put each other to bed.
  • Sun, 05:11: I'm harmless! Why would anyone wants to harm me and get me!? God is testing me
  • Sun, 05:11: RT @TlM_66: قلبك مليء بتجاعيد ولا زلتي صغيره
  • Sun, 05:13: RT @OutOfLeftField_: Ladies. Right now, a man is dreaming of touching a body just like yours. Exactly like yours. You're beautiful...as you…
  • Sun, 05:15: RT @9Pac6: ابداع خالق لا اكثر http://t.co/OoGq1lQviF
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